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    24, Jungang-ro, Gwancheon-si

Airdrie Park

Airdrie Park, located at 677, Galhyeon-dong, Gwacheon-si, has a green area that spans 24,080㎡. The park which opened on June 26, 2002, was named after the Canadian city Airdrie to commemorate their sisterhood relationship. It is designed to be environmentally friendly with more than 60% of the area being green and incorporating the natural surroundings. The park harmonizes the natural elements with modern facilities. The park’s sports facilities include, among others, a basketball court, play parks, and a foot acupuncture area. Gwacheon Public Library of Information & Science is located in close proximity. To reach the park, get off Gwacheon Government Complex Station of Subway Line No. 4. Get out of Exit 5 and walk for about ten minutes.