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    245-7, Yongseolhosu-gil, Juksan-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

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Herb & Beetle in Anseong is an educational farm with the theme of herbs and beetles. The beetle is the strongest among insects, with noticeable horns on the upper center of the head. Male beetles have horns. Female beetles have hair on the back of their body to have easy access to underground when they lay eggs. Male beetles use their horns when fighting against other males to get food and female beetles. They push their horns under the abdomen of the other beetle and throw it far away instantly.

Two male beetles are fighting using their horns.

After the ecological education, visitors make a specimen as part of an experience-oriented program. They only need to fix a tenderized beetle by spreading the legs and putting pins on them.

Living beetles are very popular among children at the outdoor experience site due to their big size and attractive appearance. Some children are afraid to touch the beetles so they simply watch them, but other children do not hesitate to touch them with their hands. The beetles have hooks on their legs, so one may get injured if one takes them forcibly. When taking the beetle, gently touch the buttock of the beetle, and they will move forward. Children can discover larvae hidden in the sawdust. Thicker than an adult’s thumb, the larva may look gross, but its plump body looks cute. Next to the outdoor experience site are insect cultivation site, insect store, herbal garden, and stockyard. From spring to autumn, visitors can enjoy the aroma of herbs and flowers. After finishing the education, children can feed goats, rabbits, and chicken and enjoy recreation and games on the grass on one side of the garden.