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Theme Park Anseong Herb Town


Anseong Herb Town1
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    641-12, Guksabong-ro, Samjuk-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

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left: two girl doll sculpture at the garden. / Right: a front view of a  Anseong Herb Town with a fountain.  

Anseong Herb Village is a natural space in the forest that can heal mind and body away from the desolate life of city downtown. It is drawing tourists’ attention by providing rest and special experiences full of herbal fragrance.


The place has exotic Spain-themed buildings between trees in the thick forest. Visitors can appreciate the harmony of herbal plants and splendid flowers under the theme of herbs.


Anseong Herb Village located in Guksabong-ro, Samjuk-myeon, Anseong-si has an experience-oriented workshop and an herb farm, and it is offering various herb-related experiences.


Soleado is a Spanish word meaning “Getting good sunlight.” It is an herb and wellbeing theme restaurant that serves Italian food made of fragrant natural herbs


At the Soleado restaurant bathed in warm sunlight through windows on both walls, visitors can have a happy time with family members and friends.


In addition, DoNature Living Shop, which offers various herbal aroma products for aromatherapy and healthy life, is selling miscellaneous daily goods as well as aromatherapy products and various herbal products for health,


In particular, Secret Garden is a space where visitors can personally see seasonal herbs along the walking path. It is one of the popular spaces among families and lovers with its romantic sculptures and herbs in nature. 


Ariate Farm is a place where visitors can experience the strong herbal fragrance of the Mediterranean Basin. It has fresh herbs all year round.