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Theme Park Ansung Natural Resort


Ansung Natural Resort1
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    253-1, Maesan-ri, Opo-eup, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do

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Left: people lying on the wooden floor in the sauna. / Middle: a open view of the waterpark Wonder Pool. Lots of people are swimming in the pool. / Right: Kids are relaxing in a tent set in the camping ground.

The natural resort in Anseong is located on Charyeong Mountain Range 150~540m above sea level. It is located 56km away from Seoul. Boasting of the best facilities and the best environment, it is designed in a Mediterranean mood. The resort has a large sauna built in the traditional architectural technology of the Goryeo Dynasty, and it has also opened a top class bath facility by using natural aquifer water from the granite rock bed. In 2010, it opened a new-concept water park on a 20,000 pyeong (66,100m2) area. It is developing as a comprehensive resort where visitors can enjoy comfortable recreation and leisure life all year round.


Traditional sauna Geongang Nara


Spa sauna, traditional sauna, Jade cave experience, pyramid experience room, medicinal herbal experience room, sinabeuro tea room, massage research center, seminar room, and auxiliary facilities


Water park Wonder Pool


Lazy river, main pool, event fountain, kids’ pool (warm bathtub), Wonder pool garden, Rental Shop, auxiliary facilities


NARA Oriental Medical Clinic


Health care system, herbal children growth clinic, physical constitution analysis, diagnosis


Pension- lnyeonae


Provides healthy rest for body and mind all year round


Korean restaurant-Aramwon


Serves Korean food prepared with great care


Geongang Nara - Auto Campground


Fosters a sound camping culture


Experience-oriented learning


Provides various experience-oriented learning programs depending on the season