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    32-1, Yeonan-gil, Yongmun-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do

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Boritgogae (or the barley hump), a term used in the past, refers to the farm hardship period around April and May according to the lunar calendar when barley is still unripe after they exhaust the supply of long-stored grains.


After running out of food reserve secured from autumn harvest, people used to suffer from famine and they had to take rough food with low nourishment to solve their hunger. But now, that kind of food is perceived as well-being food that restores the balance of the body. Boritgogae Village is famous as an experience village among people who want to improve their body.

Left: a house's wall painted colorful crocks. / Middle: kids playing in a big transparent ball./ Right: the painted brick wall along the street.

The village at the foot of Yongmunsan Mountain recommends natural food, instead of instant food, to people who participate in programs. Visitors can enjoy steamed barley seasoned with organically-grown vegetables, mugwort rice cake and barley cake while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Slow food experience (offered all year round) – Barley cake making, Tofu making with millstone, Traditional sweet rice puff making, Rice-cake mallet pounding experience, Traditional sweet cake making, Dumpling making and tasting

Left: the 4 bowls of colorful dogh to make traditional  tea confectionery./ Middle: a boy putting beans into a milestone to grind them./ Right: a small box of strawberries visitors picked in person.

Farming & harvest experience (seasonal operation) - Strawberry harvest experience (mid-January ~ early May)- Spring vegetable harvest (mid-March ~ early May), Rice planting experience (late April ~ early June ※ Reservations is required at least one month in advance)

Natural eco experience - Bare hand trout catching (early April ~ early Nov ※ Winter event offered based on customer reservation), Forest experience (March ~ early Nov), Handkerchief dyeing with wild flowers (mid-April ~ early Oct)

Traditional Crafts Experience (All-year-round operation) - Straw crafts (Egg bundle making, Straw rope making), Mini sotdae making

Traditional culture & play experience- Traditional shuttlecock making and play (free), Stone slab hitting game (free), Hoop rolling game (free), Tractor coach