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Heritage Yeoju Dojasesang (Yeoju Ceramic World)


Yeoju Dojasesang (Yeoju Ceramic World)1
Yeoju Dojasesang (Yeoju Ceramic World)2
Yeoju Dojasesang (Yeoju Ceramic World)3
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    7, Silleuksa-gil, Yeoju-eup, Yeoju-si

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Yeoju Ceramic World is the first ceramic shopping tour site in South Korea. You can appreciate and purchase diverse ceramic wares produced nationwide all year round, ranging from household ceramic items to artistic porcelains. It was opened as Korea Ceramic Foundation under the supervision of Gyeonggi-do remodeled Ceramic Ware Festival Complex located at the entrance of Temple Shinleuk in Yeoju. In the Ceramic World with cozy elegance surrounded by blue sky, verdure and Korean houses, You may appreciate the artistic exhibition and performance, participate in the demonstration and experience touching ceramic wares, and pick out what you like. Pretty ceramic wares for daily use, cute ornament articles and artistic potteries will entice you in four shopping spaces; Art shop, living shop, gallery shop and brand shop.