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Heritage Tomb of Yi Sun-sin


Tomb of Yi Sun-sin1
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    San 26-7, Iljik-dong, Gwangmyeong

This tomb may puzzle people about why the tomb of General Yi Sun-sin is here. This tomb is not the burial site of General Yi Sun-sin, the famous hero of the Imjinwaeran (Japanese Invasions of Korea;1592-1597), but that of a person with the same name. Although not a well-known historical figure, Yi Sun-sin buried here, was also a military general who passed the Military Service Examination in 1578 (11th year of King Seonjo’s reign) and later became the Deputy Navy Commander of Hyesanjin after serving as a mid-ranking military official in Eunseong and Uiju. In 1592, during the Imjinwaeran, he served under General Yi Sun-sin as the Deputy Commander of Bangdapjin and contributed to defeating Japanese naval forces in a series of battles in Okpo, Danghangpo, Hansan, and Busanpo. In 1598 (31st year of King Seonjo’s reign), he also participated in the Battle of Noryang as the Right Naval Commander of Gyeongsang-do Province and led naval forces after General Yi Sun-sin, Supreme Commander of the Naval Forces of the South, was shot and passed away. Later, he passed away at the age of 58 in 1611 while serving as the Naval Commander of Honam Province. His posthumous name was Muui. The tomb is protected by a square stone. Placed in front and on the side of the square stone are two pedestal stones. A series of stone work (including a stone sculpture describing a literary official, a stone post, a stone table, and a stone to place an incense burner on) are also placed in front of the tomb.