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    Sanseong-ri, Namhansanseong-myeon, Gwangju-si

Jangdae refers to a military post where commanders observed and directed battles. Sueojangdae Post is the only remaining of four such posts built in the Namhansanseong Fortress in 1624 (2nd year of King Injo’s reign). Located on top of Iljangsan Mountain, the highest point in the fortress, Sueojangdae let commanders observe not just the inside of the fortress, but also surrounding places. During Byeongjahoran (Manchu Invasion of Korea, 1636), King Injo directed military forces here and fought against the Manchurian forces under the Qing Dynasty (of China) for 45 days. The post was initially a one-story building and was called Seojangdae. Later, a second story was added under a directive of King Yeongjo in 1751 (27th year of his reign). On the front side of the post hangs a sign called Sueojangdae, while on the inside hangs a sign named Mumangnu. Mumangnu was named as such in order to not forget the sufferings of King Injo during Byeongjahoran as well as the failed attempt of King Hyojong (son of King Injo) to conquer the area north of Joseon in retaliation for Byeongjahoran and his subsequent death. King Yeongjo and King Jeongjo often visited here after holding a memorial service at the Tomb of King Hyojong and on their way to Hanyang (former name of Seoul), remembering the work of deceased kings of Joseon. The current building was rebuilt in 1896 by Yusu (pen name) Bak Gi-su.