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    San 105, Sinan-ri, Daegot-myeon, Gimpo-si

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This is a military facility to ward off Japanese forces on their way from the Yellow Sea to make inroads into Hanyang (former name of Seoul). Located in Daegot-myeon (Gimpo), it is not clear when it was built, but it is believed to have been built during King Seonjo's reign of Joseon after experiencing Imjinwaeran (Japanese Invasions of Korea, 1592-1597). In 1679 (5th year of King Sukjong's reign), Dondae (military high ground) was established here along with Gwangseong, Deokjin, and Yongdu in Gwanghwa. In 1760 (36th year of King Yeongjo's reign), a navy deputy commander was assigned here, overseeing 316 naval forces. Naval forces stationed at Deokpojin fought hard against Western forces, clashing with French naval forces during Byeonginyangyo (Western Invasion of 1866; 3rd year of King Gojong's reign) and with U.S. forces in April 1871 during Sinmiyangyo (Western Invasion of 1871). Since then, Deokpojin had disappeared in history until it was rediscovered in 1980 when cannons, cannon balls, Sangpyeongtongbo (currency of Joseon), cornerstones, and traditional braziers were excavated. Pusacheongji (a storage for coals to be used for cannons) and magazines were also found. Some of the excavated relics are maintained in the National Museum of Korea;others are stored in the Deokpojin Exhibition Hall.