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Heritage Munsusanseong Fortress


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    San 36-2, Seongdong-ri, Wolgot-myeon, Gimpo-si

This is a fortress of Joseon to protect Ganghwa along with Gapgotjin. It is a stone fortress built in 1694 (20th year of King Sukjong's reign) and was comprehensively repaired in 1812 (12th year of King Sunjo's reign). Solidly built with well-trimmed stones, the fortress was covered by Yeojang (a shallow wall) to protect soldiers from enemy forces. The fortress has three gate towers (including Chwiyeru and Gonghaeru) and three secret gates. Chwiyeru, in particular, was located along the coast across Gapgotjin and served as a gate to get to the mainland. Joseon forces waged a severe battle against French forces here during Byeonginyangyo (Western Invasion of 1866; 3rd year of King Gojong's reign). French forces, with seven battleships and 600 troops, landed at Gapgotjin on September 7th, captured the Ganghwaseong Fortress the following day, and made inroads into the Munsusanseong Fortress on September 18th. The fortress was defended at that time by only 50 troops. They ambushed French troops arriving just outside the southern gate of the fortress, but they could not overcome their inferior combat power. Two French troops were dead with 25 injured. In retaliation, French forces burned down 29 civilian homes. The battle led to the destruction of the fortress near the coast as well as gate towers.