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Heritage Jangneung [UNESCO World Heritage]


Jangneung [UNESCO World Heritage]1
Jangneung [UNESCO World Heritage]2
Jangneung [UNESCO World Heritage]3
Jangneung [UNESCO World Heritage]4
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    79, Jangneung-ro, Gimpo-si

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Located in Pungmu-dong (Gimpo), this is the tomb of the posthumously designated King Wonjong, who was the father of King Injo (16th king of Joseon), and of his wife, Queen Inheon. Designated as Historic Site No.202, it was initially located in Yangju, but it was relocated to Gimpo in 1627 (5th year of King Injo's reign) and was named Heunggyeongwon. In 1632, it was promoted to be a Neung (royal tomb), and the name was changed to Jangneung. Additionally, stone work surrounding the tombs also changed, befitting royal tombs. The two tombs are placed next to each other. A stone table is also placed in front of each tomb. A stone lantern is placed near the tombs. To the south of the tombs are a pair of stone sculptures describing literary and military officials.