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    11, Dasan-ro 747beon-gil, Joan-myeon, Namyangju-si

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Yeoyudang is the birthplace of Dasan (pen name) Jeong Yak-yong. The house is located in the Dasan Jeong Yak-yong Historical Site. On June 16 (lunar), 1762 (38th year of King Yeongjo's reign), Dasan was born as the fourth son between father Jeong Jae-won and mother Yun in Neungnae-ri (Joan-myeon) where the fifth generation forefathers of his clan had lived. He was known to be an exceptionally brilliant child and began to study Chinese classics at the age of ten;poems written when he was young were already compiled into the book Sammijajip. After passing the Higher Civil Service Examination at the age of 28, Dasan became a beloved official of King Jeongjo. After King Jeongjo passed away in 1800, Dasan felt something ominous was imminent and decided to return to his hometown and began to live a life of seclusion and pursued scholarship. At this time, he named his birthplace Yeoyudang. The name came from the phrase of the famed Chinese scholar Lao-tzu, "Do things as carefully as if walking over a river in winter, and be vigilant against all directions as if you are scared." Despite his seclusion, Dasan was forced into exile in Gangjin for 18 years. After finishing his exile, he returned to his home at the age of 57 and stayed there and continued in his studies until he passed away at the age of 75. Yeoyudang was later washed away in the Great Flood of 1925 and neglected due to the construction of the Paldang Dam. The house was restored in 1975. The simplicity and tidiness of the house symbolize Dasan's personality.