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    406-33, Pyeonghwa-ro 2910beon-gil, , Dongducheon-si

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Jajaeam Hermitage

The hermitage is home to the book, Commentary on the Prajnaparamita Hridaya Sutra (The Heart Sutra) (designated on October 17, 1994). Seoul National University and its library possess the same book (Treasure No.771), but the one in the hermitage boasts a better-preserved version with a proof seal and an introductory part still attached. It was printed on mulberry papers after being carved on wooden plates. The hermitage is an ancient temple created by Monk Wonhyo in 654 A.D. (14th year of Queen Seondeok's reign of the Silla Period). It was rebuilt by Monk Gakgyu under the directive of King Gwangjong of the Goryeo Period in 974 (25th year of his reign). It was partially burned in 1153 (7th year of King Uijong's reign), and the following year, Monk Gangnyeong rebuilt the Daeungjeon Hall and part of Yosa (housing units for monks).