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Heritage Hoeamsa Temple Site


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    281, Hoeamsa-gil, Yangju-si

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Designated as Historic Site No.128 in 1964, it was a temple site located on Cheonbosan Mountain (Hoeam-dong, Yangju) between the late Goryeo Period and early Joseon Dynasty. Located on a steep hill in the southern outskirts of the mountain, the site shows traces of buildings erected on eight stairs. It was created by the Indian monk, Jigong, who came to Goryeo via the Yuan Dynasty in 1328 A.D. following the Indian temple, Aranantasa Temple. Initially, it was a huge temple with over 266 rooms. It was rebuilt multiple times in 1376 A.D. by a directive of Queen Jeonghui during the Joseon Dynasty, but it began to decline during the reign of King Myeongjong and became almost abandoned by the early 19th century. The site is home to three sarira towers commemorating Monk Jigong, Monk Naong, and Monk Muhak. It also houses the Memorial Stone and Monument of Monk Muhak (Treasure No.388), Seongakwangsa Monument (Treasure No.387), Memorial Stone of Monk Naong and Monk Jigong along with a stone lantern, and Stone Lantern with Two Lions (Treasure No.389).  To the right of the site is the Hoeamsa Temple, which is a branch temple of the Bongseonsa Temple, the 25th temple of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism.