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    262, Jeonjwa-ro 155beon-gil, Uijeongbu-si

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Hoeryongsa Temple, located on Dobongsan Mountain, Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi-do, is the branch temple of Bongseonsa temple, the 25th parish of the Korean Buddhism Jogye Order. It was built by the great monk Uisang in 681 (1st year of King Sinmun’s reign in Silla period). It was called Beopseongsa temple at that time. The temple was renovated in 930, 1070 and 1384. Jacho, who renovated it in 1384 (10th year of King Wuwang’s reign), practiced asceticism with Yi Seonggye (founder of the Joseon dynasty). After Yi Seonggye left, he renovated the temple and worshipped Gwanseeumbosal (Goddess of Mercy). After Yi Seonggye founded the country, he visited the temple and renamed it Hoeryongsa Temple.  It is also said that Yi Seonggye stayed in Hamheung after renouncing the throne and visited Jacho, who was practicing asceticism in Seoul, in 1403 (3rd year of King Taejong’s reign). Jacho was delighted, saying “Hoeranyongga (meaning “a king returns)”. Thus, it was named Hoeryongsa. The present buildings are Daewungjeon (main hall), Yaksajeon (Hall of Medicine Buddha), Samseonggak, Seonsil (meditation room) and Yosachae (monks’ residence). Artifacts include Sinjeungtaenghwa (Buddhist drawing), a five-story stone pagoda, stone work and Noju (stone pillar). Sinjeungtaenghwa was made in Heungguksa temple, Suraksan Mountain in 1883. The five-story stone pagoda enshrined the sarira of the great monk Uisang. The pagoda is estimated to have been made in the early Joseon period based on the aspect of its style. It was also estimated that the stonework and Noju were also made in the early Joseon period.