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    58, Hoam-gil, Poseung-eup, Pyeongtaek-si

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Sudosa temple in Pyeongtaek-si, where the great monk Wonhyo found enlightenment, has an experience center where everyone can learn the rules for and cooking of temple food. Children and teenagers can realize the importance of nature and appreciate nature by directly cultivating and harvesting in the kitchen garden. Join the program for well-being food to clarify the body and mind. * Sudosa Temple Stay (Slow Food Village) Sudosa Temple provides a Temple Stay and Temple Life program for visitors who are interested in temple food or who want to experience Buddhist culture. A Temple Stay program is one night and two days and a Temple Life program is one day program. The temple experience program comprises learning temple etiquette, the ceremonial service including chanting, the communal Buddhist meal service, tea ceremony and etiquette, zen meditation, making lotus flower lamps, walking barefoot over loess trails in pine forests, the appreciation of healing music, chanting sutra, and cultivating a kitchen garden as well as cooking temple food. Sudosa Temple provides a more detailed and systematic program because of the guidance offered by the monk Jeokmun, the director of the Korean Traditional Temple Food Research Institute. The Sudosa Temple Stay strengthens both body and mind and helps you draw closer to nature. The Temple Stay schedule is subject to change and meal service time can vary by season. It is recommended to check before visiting. Nothing is required except toilet articles and easy shoes. Application is always received all the year round.