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    126-13, Daeseong-ro, Hanam

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Gwangju Hyanggyo (county school) in Gyosan-dong, Hanam-si is the venue for performing ancestral rites for Confucius and the sages. It is a kind of education institute established for teaching and enlightening residents. It was close to the Gwangju government office in 1703 (29th year of King Sukjong’s reign in the Joseon period) and thereafter moved to the present site. While the educational function has been lost at present, the ancestral rites have continued to be performed. Behind the Hyanggyo, ancestral rites include Daeseongjeon, Dongwu and Seowu while Dongjae and Seojae are held in front of the Hyanggyo. The Daeseongjeon for performing ancestral rites is three Kans (the distance between pillars in a house) in front and four Kans on the side and has a hip-and-gabled roof. Myeongryundang for education is the lecture hall for students. Dongjae and Seojae were the dormitories. Gwangju Hyanggyo received a grant from the government during the Joseon period. It is the only Hyanggyo built on the flat land of Gyeonggi-do. It was a large school with facilities that didn’t exist in other Hyanggyo including Dongjae, Seojae, Dongmu and Seomu. The Hanam-si municipal government implemented a large-scale restoration project in 2007.