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    136, Yongju-ro, Songsan-dong, Hwaseong-si

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This site was originally the of Garyangsa Temple, which was constructed in AD854, the 16th year of King Munseong of the Silla Kingdom. The temple was very famous as it was surrounded by beautiful mountains and crystal clear waters. However, the temple was destroyed by fire during the Byungjahoran (the second Manchu invasion of Korea). During the Joseon Dynasty, King Jeongjo moved the tomb of his father, Crown Prince Sado (or posthumously designated King Jangjo), to this spot, and built Yongjusa Temple here to pray for the repose of his father’s soul. It is said that one night before the temple was completed, King Jeongjo dreamed of a dragon ascending to the sky holding a magic ball in its mouth. He therefore named the temple “Yongjusa”, which means the temple of a dragon with a magic ball in Korean.