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Heritage Banwolseong Fortress Site


Banwolseong Fortress Site1
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    19, Cheonggun-ro 3290beon-gil, Gunnae-myeon, Pocheon-si

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Banwolseong Fortress Site

Banwolseong Fortress was built on Cheongseongsan Mountain (283m). It is assumed to have been built by Gung Ye and follows the natural ridge of the mountain. It has a perimeter of 1,080 meters, and extends for 490 meters from east to west, and 150 meters from north to south. The remaining parts of the fortress wall are between four and five meters high. Due to its half-moon shape, it has been called Banwol meaning ‘crescent moon’ in Korean. Local residents visit the site for a stroll and to enjoy the view of downtown Pocheon.