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Heritage Jaunseowon Confucian Academy


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    204, Jaunseowon-ro, Beobwon-eup, Paju-si

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Jaunseowon Confucian Academy

Jaunseowon Confucian Academy was erected to commemorate the scholastic achievement and virtuous acts of Yi I (pen-name: Yulgok), where his portrait and mortuary tablet are enshrined. He was born in his grandparents’ home on his mother’s side in Gangneung and grew up in what is now Yulgok-ri, Papyeong-myeon, Paju-si. He was widely known as a high-ranking official and great scholar during the mid-Joseon Dynasty. He was born the third son between his father Yi Won-su (from Deoksu Yi Clan) and his mother Sin Saimdang, who is known as a role model for mothers in the Korean society. He surprised many by passing the civil service exam at the age of 13. He also won first place in civil service exams on nine occasions. He, along with Yi Hwang (pen-name: Toegye), was the greatest Confucian scholar of that time. He wrote Seongniseol (The Theory of Neo-Confucianism), Seonghak jibyo (The Essentials of the Learning of the Sages), Gyeongmong yogyeol (The Secret of Expelling Ignorance), among others, that dealt with the practical financial policies of the government.