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    281, Hoeamsa-gil, Yangju-si

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Hoeamsa Temple Site

As many Buddhist services received the positive support of the royal family in the period between the late Goryeo Dynasty and the early Joseon Dynasty, Hoeamsa Temple, one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Korea, was often visited by members of the royal family and high Buddhist priests. The founder of the Joseon Dynasty, Yi Seong-gye, stayed at the temple after handing over the throne. In addition, Prince Hyoryeong, the second son of King Taejong, was ordained as a Buddhist monk there. However, the temple was closed due to the state policy of promoting Confucianism over Buddhism during the mid-Joseon period, and the 400-year history of Hoeamsa Temple disappeared into the mists of time. Now, only the site remains, although a few traces of the temple, such as stones for the stylobate, have been unearthed. Excavations of the entire site conducted by Gyeonggi Provincial Museum in 1997 revealed some of the hidden secrets of the temple. Numerous relics and traces of this once vast temple and the layout of the buildings have provided us with some insights into the grandeur of the temple and the lifestyle of that remote time.