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    399-18, Chiljang-ro, Juksan-myeon, Anseong-si

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Chiljangsa Temple

Chiljangsa Temple, which was built by the Buddhist Monk Jajang in 636 (the fifth year of the reign of Queen Seondeok of the Silla Dynasty), has the largest collection of relics of all the temples in Gyeonggi-do. The temple was named Chiljangsa, i.e. ‘chil’ (seven) ‘jang’ (long) ‘sa’ (temple), in Korean as seven sages are said to have stayed at the temple for a long time. Although the temple is not very large, it conceals many stories and treasures along with its long history. Visitors can appreciate the delicate beauty of the temple’s main building and immerse themselves in its ancient stories.