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Heritage Eobiri 3 storied Stone Pagoda


Eobiri 3 storied Stone Pagoda1
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    807-9, Eobi-ri, Edong-myeon, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si

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The Eobiri Stone Pagoda is located in Dongdo-sa (temple). It was designated as the Geonggi-do Tangible cultural property No. 194 and the presumed period made is the silla (former nation of the Goryeo).

Left: a pattern of the bottom of each story of the pagoda. / Right: a front view of the pagoda with a beautiful open view of the Idong reservoir in the background.


The square-shaped is pagoda having the 3 storied body on the single-layer base. The pagoda remained damaged since the invasion of Japan in 1592 was restored by residents. Putting submerging by reservior construction in danger in 1963, the pagoda was moved to Dongdo-sa.