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Heritage Choongryul Seowon - Yongin


Choongryul Seowon - Yongin1
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    114-22, Neungwon-ro 132beon-gil, Mohyeon-myeon, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si

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Choongryul Seowon was built to honor Jeong Mongju, a faithful subject at the end of Goryeo (former nation of Joseon Dynasty). He was murdered on the Sinjukkyo bridge by Yi Bangwon (the fifth son of the Joseon Dynasty's founder Yi seonggye). The way knowing more about the history is to watch the Korea drama. Recent broadcasted 'Six Flying Dragons' provides us vivid historical information.

Left: people holding a memorial service for the ancestors enshrined in the Choongryul Seowon  including Jeong Mongju. / Right: people on Korean traditional scholar's clothes going upstairs to hold a memorial service.