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Heritage Hyeono gukssa Tapbi - Seobong saji (temple site)


Hyeono gukssa Tapbi - Seobong saji (temple site)1
Hyeono gukssa Tapbi - Seobong saji (temple site)2
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    산110, Sinbong-dong, Suji-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do

It was built in 1185 and designated as the National Treasure number 9. The height is 1.8 meters and the wide is 0.97 meter. The feat of Hyeono gukssa (Buddhist priest) was written on the stone.

Left: a front view of Hyeonogukssa Tapbi./ Right: a front view of a kind of pavilion where there is the Hyeono gukssa Tapbi.

Budo is the stone containing a bone of the Buddha but it different from the pagoda. Budo is placed outside of the temple while the pagoda is set inside. Originally Tappi (a tower and a monument) is made with Budo but this Toppi remains without it.