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Natural Beauty Unaksan Mountain


Unaksan Mountain1
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    Bonghwa-ro, Hwahyeon-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

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Unaksan is part of Gwangju Mountain Range and is as high as 936m; connected to Cheonggyesan Mountain (849m), Gangssibong Peak (830m) and Gungmangbong Peak (1,168m) toward the north, it forms a border with Pocheon-si and Gapyeong-gun. On the northeast side of the mountain are famous mountains such as Hwaaksan (1,468m) and Myeongjisan (1,267m).

A gorgeous open view of  Unaksan Mountain from the sky.

The mountain stream flowing along the eastern slope of Unaksan merges into the stream flowing from Cheonggyesan and Myeongjisan mountains and forms Jojongcheon Stream and flows toward the south along a wide river valley.

Left: a soaring peek made of strange rocks and bizarre stones./ Right: a beautiful valley in the  Unaksan Mountain

After one climbs Unaksan Mountain from Jojong-myeon, the majestic Muu Falls comes into view, and Hyeondeungsa Temple is located halfway up the mountain. This temple was built during the reign of King Beopheung of the Silla Dynasty. During the reign of Goryeo Dynasty’s King Huijong, State Preceptor Bojo discovered a stone lantern and rebuilt a temple on the site and named it Hyeondeongsa. Since then, the temple has been remodeled several times, and many cultural heritages including Jijintap Pagoda remain until now. The temple is also famous for Toyotomi’s gold folding screen that remained until the Korean War. Unaksan is also named Hyeondeongsan after Hyeondeongsa Temple. It is also called “Gyeonggi Geumgang.” The peak of the mountain looks as if it is floating on clouds.