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    Jungang-ro 286beon-gil, Dongducheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

In 1951, during the Korean War, Dongducheon became a military strategic point, and the US’s main military units began to be stationed in Dongducheon. Naturally, commercial areas for the US Army base were formed. Even though the overall feeling of the existing neighborhood was maintained, the details of the area have changed. The street looks quite exotic due to foreign language signboards.


Peculiar stores such as South American-style restaurants, barber shop, clothing store, and currency exchange offices each provide individual characteristics.


The area in front of the army consists of 3 blocks: Block 1 is a commercial area with restaurants such as kebab house, pubs, and curry restaurant, and Lines 2 & 3 have many workshops.


At the special tourist zone, which has street scenery from the 1970s-80s, visitors can experience the exotic atmosphere of US military clubs and foreign restaurants which were established when the US Army was stationed in the place.

Left: a restaurante of Latin America 'El RINCON' and a cloth store 'AweSome'. / Middle: the walls decorated with graffiti./ Right: a building painted in violet, pink, red, etc. and various characters.

Even though the number of custom tailor shops is decreasing, workshops are increasing, so visitors can enjoy touring the area after eating budaejjigae (sausage stew), which is an original dish originating in Dongducheon. Visitors can have experiences at workshops as well. Bosan Station is near the tourist zone, so visitors can use public transportation.

Left: a rock band enjoying with the audience in Dongducheon rock festival. / Right: a sign of HOT PIZZA painted a woman on Korean traditional cloth.

While walking along the street, visitors can see craft workshops situated between foreign restaurants. Several stores were vacant after the US Army left the area, but they are now filled with 36 stores specializing in leather, handmade shoes, ceramics, metal, textiles, wood crafts, paintings, chilbo (cloisonné), flowers and photography.


Craft stores hold a flea market at 1 pm on the last Saturday of each month.