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Theme Park Ahommajigi Village, Gapyeong


Ahommajigi Village, Gapyeong1
Ahommajigi Village, Gapyeong2
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    238, Yongchu-ro, Gapyeong-eup, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do

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Ahommajigi is an old name of Yeoninsan Mountain as high as 1,068m above sea level. The name is based on a legend, telling that even though the mountain is high, the upper area has wide land, so farmers could sprinkle 9 mal (1 mal=7kg) of millet seeds. The name implies residents’ wish to keep harmony between nature and tradition. As the entire area of the village is designated as a natural preservation zone, it has preserved nature well and it boasts beautiful scenery of Yeoninsan Mountain and Yongchugugok Valley.

Left: people pounding glutinous rice with a rice-cake mallet./  Right: a close shot of a millet.

Ahommajigi Village has Yongchu Valley which is one of Gapyeong’s Eight Sights, so it has a beautiful forest. Visitors can listen to stories about natural vegetation and culture while walking with a forest interpreter. The village is operating a program called Ecoenteering (eco+orienteering, an experience of performing missions by visiting different places in the village with a map) for group visitors, so the program is perfect for a retreat to foster the spirit of adventure and team work.


Experience: Spring (sprinkling millet seeds, transplanting millet sprouts), Summer (potato harvest, corn harvest, loach catching, water play experience) Autumn (sweet potato harvest, millet harvest), Four Season Experience (mini rope making, wooden necklace making, forest experience), Ecoenteering, Meeting myself in the forest.