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    408-1, Anheung-dong, Icheon

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It has been said for 500 years that the water welled around Icheon is efficacious in cases of eye and skin diseases. Some say that Icheon spa is effective in curing female diseases because of its rich natrium content. The Spa Plus located in Icheon, with its pristine water, features a spa, water park, Jjimjilbang (Korean sauna) and food court. Various spa pools like a Cheongju (clean rice wine) Pool, Cypress Pool, Hanbang Pool, Waterfall Pool and Fruit Pool, and both dry and wet saunas are very popular with guests. The water park features a variety of exciting pools, as well, such as an indoor pool, river pool, wave pool, and water slide. ADMISSION
Category Adult Child
Health zone + SpaWeekdays/Weekends ₩25,000/₩29,000 ₩19,000/₩23,000
Health zoneWeekdays/Weekends₩17,000/₩22,000₩12,000/₩17,000