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    Coastal Trail(Haeansanchaek-ro), Seosin-myeon Hwaseong, Gyeonggi–do

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    031-369-1673 (Jebudo General Services Office)


    Jebudo Island is called Miracle Island or Periodic Island. The nickname Miracle Island came from the miracle in the Red Sea wherein Moses escaped from Egypt by parting the Red Sea according to the Old Testament. The road from the mainland to Jebudo Island is revealed at low tide like the miracle of Moses. The island got its nickname Periodic Island for the same reason. It means that Jebudo Island becomes an island periodically only at high tide since it is connected with the mainland during low tide. since it is connected with the mainland during low tide.


    SEAt on Jebudo Island is a place where you can see the time and the sea. There are plenty of SEAts located at the entrance and here and there in the middle of the Coastal Trail, which was constructed between Tapjaesan Mountain and the shore line. SEAt is a bench made with unique designs such as Shade Bench, Separate Bench, Standing Bench, Clam Bench, and Nest Bench. Each of them is well-harmonized with the natural landscape to have a unique individual look. The time you spend with your beloved family or boyfriend or girlfriend lying on the SEAt under the sun with a view of the sea will certainly relax your weary mind with its meditation effect. 

    The excellent design of the SEAt received an award in Communication Design in Germany’s “2017 Red Dot Design Award,” one of the best design awards in the world. Today, SEAt has become a specialty of Jebudo Island thanks to the people who take photos with SEAt in the background and post them on SNS.