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Heritage Coastal Trail on Jebudo Island 


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Coastal Trail on Jebudo Island 2
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    Coastal Trail(Haeansanchaek-ro), Seosin-myeon Hwaseong, Gyeonggi–do

  • TEL

    031-369-1673 (Jebudo General Services Office)


    There is an interesting joke related to Jebudo Island -- young lovers can make love easily on Jebudo Island. They come to the island at low tide and play on the beach, unaware of the passage of time. Then a tide comes in, and the way out is closed. They have no choice but to spend the night on the island together, and their love grows naturally. The beach is long enough, and the sunset behind it is beautiful enough for the lovers to forget about the time. 


    The people of Jebudo Island built an embankment behind the sandy beach and made a wood deck trail along the shore line for the people who visit Jebudo Island wearing clothes that are not appropriate for walking on the beach. Many people visit Jebudo Island not only in summer but also in spring, fall, and winter. 

    Walking along the long Coastal Trail constructed along “Swallow Tail Road” with Tapjaesan Mountain on one side, you will feel refreshed by the view of the vast West Sea. A red lighthouse, the landmark of Jebudo Island, is standing at the end of the Coastal Trail to guide visitors. 

    The Coastal Trail on Jebudo Island was not made simply for walking. It was designed to provide a place where people can enjoy the sea breeze, sunlight, and rest with an unobstructed view of the sea. A place adjacent to the sea can relax and refresh our body and mind since it contains lots of anion, like the forest used for forest bathing. While walking in nature, you can enjoy a nap or the freshness of the sea on one of the SEAts installed here and there beside the road. Be careful of ultraviolet rays, however.