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Heritage Jebudo ARTPARK


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  • Address

    Jebu-ri, Seosin-myeon Hwaseong, Gyeonggi–do

  • TEL

    031-369-1673 (Jebudo General Services Office)


    Jebudo Island is one of the few islands with growing households and population. Located near the capital area, the island is visited by many people, and accommodations and restaurants have sprouted here and there. Naturally, cultural desire has increased, and places of culture and art have been constructed here and there on Jebudo Island.

    In fact, even a chair on the street and a symbol hung on the guard rail are made most carefully based on artistic value and creativity. More people are coming to this island to take photos of the unique artistic sculptures of Jebudo Island and post them on SNS. You can see culture and art of high standard on Jebudo Island in ARTPARK.


    With the exhibition space and observation space built in 6 containers, ARTPARK received an award in Communication Design in Germany’s “2017 Red Dot Design Award,” a world-class design award, for its unique design and experimental spirit. 

    The two containers on the first floor are used for exhibition, which gives cultural stimulation to travelers. The containers on the second floor are used for observation of the sea. The observation space is very popular as people can appreciate the sea in a comfortable place despite the unpredictable weather of the island. The space where you can enjoy coffee while savoring the famous sunset of Jebudo Island is art and culture in itself.