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Heritage Jebudo Water walk 


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    235-1, Jebu-ro, Hwaseong, Gyeonggi–do

  • TEL

    031-369-1673 (Jebudo General Services Office)


    The West Coast of Korea has a large tidal range wherein the sea water comes in and goes out by 100m~500m. For that reason, there are many islands that you can enter on foot from the mainland at low tide. In particular, Jebudo Island is one of the few islands that you can enter via car. It’s amazing to see the view of an array of cars traveling between the sea water at low tide. The place that commands the best view of this wonderful scenery is the Water walk. 


    The Water walk is located at the entrance of the sea route. From the end of the wooden stairs of the Water walk, you can see the two faces of Jebudo Island stretched before your eyes like a panorama. You can feel the thrill of walking on the sea at high tide and the wonder of the vast mud flat at low tide. In addition, you can appreciate the beautiful sunset of Jebudo Island from the Water walk. You will be reminded of the famous scene in the movie “Titanic” while facing the roll of the waves lit up with the glow of the setting sun. 

    The Water walk received the main award in Communication Design in Germany’s “2018 Red Dot Design Award,” recognized as one of the three major global design awards.