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    Seosin-myeon, Hwaseong, Gyeonggi–do 

  • TEL

    031-369-1673 (Jebudo General Services Office)


    The sea around Jebudo Island takes on various forms from hour to hour, and the residents of Jebudo Island live their lives according to the ceaseless coming and going of the tide. When the tide goes out, they catch Manila clams, crabs, etc. in the vast mud flat. They return when the tide comes in.

    Since the island is under the influence of frequently alternating tides, you may not be able to enter the island -- which is right under your nose -- when the path is closed. Before you depart, visit the Website of Hwaseong Urban Corporation ( and check the tide time. 


    As a famous tourist attraction with various charms, Jebudo Island was named one of the “TOP 100 2019~2020 Best Tourist Attractions in Korea” by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism in December 2018. There is a 2-kilometer long fine sandy beach on the small island. While most of the beaches on the western coast of Korea are shaped like a bow, the beach on Jebudo Island is straight. Since ancient times, many people have visited Jebudo Island to enjoy sea bathing and the view of the sea on the fine sandy beach with moderate width. The access road to the island is also a famous driving course.

    You may go either way along the wood deck beside the sandy beach. To the south is Maebawi (meaning Hawk Rock), which was named as such because of the many nests of hawks that used to be there. To the north is a red lighthouse. While walking along the wood deck, you can enjoy the scenery and dishes in nearby restaurants, cafes, and “ARTPARK,” a popular spot on SNS. 

    The best charm of Jebudo Island is the Coastal Trail(Haeansanchaek-ro). You can get natural therapy while walking along the trail located between Tapjaesan Mountain and the West Sea. You can take a rest on one of the SEAts positioned here and there in the trail while enjoying the beautiful scenery.