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Heritage Imjingak Pyeonghwa Nuri Park 


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    618-13, Majeong-ri, Munsan-eup, Paju, Gyeonggi-do

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    Imjingak has been the symbol of the cold war and national division for a long time. The people who came from North Korea have had a memorial service together every New Year’s Day and Chuseok at Imjingak Mangbaedan and shed tears of longing for their families and relatives in North Korea. Imjingak has also been a place where many people witnessed the reality of the division of North and South Korea and wished for national reunification. 

    As the place that had been a site of bitter grief, Imjingak was changed into a place of hope by the exchange between North and South Korea. In 2005 when the World Peace Festival was held, Pyeonghwa Nuri Park was constructed beside Imjingak with the hope, will, and dream for national reunification.  


    Pyeonghwa Nuri Park is a place for relaxation filled with wide lawn hill and pond and sculptures produced with the motive of national reunification. It is also a composite culture and arts space where various performances and exhibitions are held and movies are shown in the exhibition hall and theater. Many photographers come to the place to take pictures of the wide grass and unique sculptures.  

    In Korean, Pyeonghwa means peace, and Nuri means the world. Thus, the name Pyeonghwa Nuri represents the wish of the Korean people for a peaceful world. Like its name, the park reminds of one of the preciousness of peace from the image of the leisurely walking families and lovers even in the border area confronted by North and South Korea.  

    With the long-time division of the nation, more and more people accept the situation of the confrontation of North and South Korea naturally and think that national reunification is a thing in the distant future. Pyeonghwa Nuri Park plays the role of telling such people the mandate and expectation for national reunification. The park will remain an important and famous place for inter-Korean exchanges and national reunification.