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Heritage Imjingak Steam Locomotive at Jangdan Station 


Imjingak Steam Locomotive at Jangdan Station 1
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    1400-5, Majeong-ri, Munsan-eup, Paju, Gyeonggi-do

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    031-953-4744 (Imgingak Tourist Information Desk 09:00~17:00)


    The expression of “The train wants to run” represents Koreans’ burning desire for national reunification. Many Koreans dream of traveling to Europe by train starting from Busan, at the southern tip of the Korean peninsula, and passing Seoul, Pyeongyang, and Sinuiju and crossing the continent. The train mentioned here is symbolized by the steam locomotive that had been left at Jangdan Station.  

    Jangdan Station is located in the southern region of the DMZ. During the Korean War, Gyeongui Line was an important supply route for the transportation of military supplies. Around the final stage of the war, North and South Korea had fierce battles confronting each other on the opposite sides of Jangdan Station. The station became the region of South Korea in the DMZ pursuant to the ceasefire agreement that drew the military demarcation line, but it has been abandoned so far with civilians prohibited from approaching the region. 


    In 2000, an atmosphere of reconciliation was formed by the dialogue and cooperation for exchange between North and South Korea, realized after the historic inter-Korean summit of President Kim Dae-jung and Kim Jong-il, Chairman of the National Defense Commission of North Korea. While the discussion over the restoration of Gyeongui Line was underway in 2007, the Korean government moved the funnel of the steam locomotive -- which had been abandoned for decades 50m south of Jangdan Station -- to Imjingak. 

    Though the red rust on the funnel of the steam locomotive was removed, more than one thousand bullet holes remain. The people who visit Imjingak are reminded of the horrible scene of the war by the bullet marks remaining on the steam locomotive. At the same time, they wish for the peaceful reunification of the nation and dream of the day when they can travel to Europe across the continent onboard a train on the Gyeongui Line.