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Heritage Imjingak Freedom Bridge 


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    509-1, Majeong-ri, Munsan-eup, Paju, Gyeonggi-do

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    031-953-4744 (Imgingak Tourist Information Desk 09:00~17:00)


    As a railroad connecting Seoul with Sinuiju, Gyeongui Line crossed Dokgae Bridge over Imjingang River in Munsan, Paju and passed Gaeseong in North Korea. During the Korean War, the Dokgae railroad bridge was destroyed by bombing. As a result, Gyeongui Line was completely cut off physically.  

    At that time, Gyeongui Line was a double track line, and so was Deokgae Bridge. While the northbound bridge is left broken, the southbound bridge was repaired after the war for use as a footbridge. Since then, the footbridge has been used by the delegation of South Korea who participated in inter-Korean exchange after the 7.4 North-South Joint Statement in 1972.  


    “Freedom Bridge” was named as such because the POWs of Korean and UN soldiers crossed the bridge after the Korean War by the repatriation of prisoners of war. The destroyed northbound bridge has been called Dokgae Bridge and used as a place of a lesson reminding one of the scars of war.  

    Expectations for the restoration of the Gyeongui Line grew as the atmosphere of reconciliation between North and South Korea was formed by the inter-Korean summit in 2000. The Korean government built the new Dorasan Station in the restricted area for civilians and extended the operation of Gyeongui Line to Dorasan Station from the previous final destination of Munsan. The Freedom Bridge disappeared with the construction of Tongil Bridge. 

    The Freedom Bridge you can now see from Imjingak is the bridge restored by the City of Paju. Reunification is like destiny to Koreans who had lived in the same country for thousands of years. The reason for the restoration of Freedom Bridge is that we should not forget about reunification. The people who have visited Imjingak looked back on the reality of national division and resolved to realize peaceful reunification crossing Freedom Bridge.