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Heritage Imjingak Art Space BEAT 131


Imjingak Art Space BEAT 1311
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    1400-5, Majeong-ri, Munsan-eup, Paju, Gyeonggi-do

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    A military underground bunker constructed during the Korean War has been changed into a unique exhibition space. You can feel the atmosphere of a military facility from the entrance. The shape of an anti-tank mine put on the stairs on the way down to the basement will make you feel frightened and nervous instantly.  

    Walking down the stairway, you will see the situation room of the command during wartime. Military supplies used during the Korean War including firearm, canteen, helmet, and radio are on display. A helmet with many bullet holes will show you the bitterness of war.  


    At another space in Art Space BEAT 131, you can hear stories of Imjingak Pavilion, Freedom Bridge, and Gyeongui Line Railroad as well as the funnel of the last steam locomotive, etc. through interactive media art. An interview with the locomotive engineer who operated the steam locomotive at Jangdan Station for the last time tells you about the urgent situation in a fresh voice.  

    The device, which can transform a written message into Morse codes, is popular with not only children but also adults. It is possible to see the DMZ and a village in North Korea on the screen in real time. Since the space is not very wide, the underground bunker can accommodate only 20 visitors at a time.