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Heritage Imjingak Dokgae Bridge 


Imjingak Dokgae Bridge 1
Imjingak Dokgae Bridge 2
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    1400-5, Majeong-ri, Munsan-eup, Paju, Gyeonggi-do

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    The northbound line of the railroad bridge of Gyeongui Line over Imjingang River has been left broken for nearly 70 years. The bridge used to connect Uncheon-ri, Munsan-eup and Nosong-ri, Jangdan-myeon of Paju but was destroyed by bombing during the Korean War. The bridge had been named after a village in Nosang-ri. 

    Gyeongui Line Railroad started from Seoul and arrived at the final destination of Sinuiju adjacent to China. The railroad line was disconnected after the Korean War; as a result, South Korea lost the way to the continent, and North Korea lost the way to the Pacific. 


    Left abandoned for decades over the lazy Imjingang River, Dokgae Bridge clearly shows the tragic division of the country. In this regard, Dokgae Bridge has been used as a place for national security education to remember the scars of war and resolve not to repeat the painful history.  

    With the atmosphere of reconciliation and exchange created by the inter-Korean summit in 2000, however, a change occurred at Dokgae Bridge. A new railroad bridge of Gyeongui Line was constructed over Imjingang River. The reason why the restoration of Gyeongui Line is mentioned first whenever a mood of reconciliation between North and South Korea is fostered is that it has symbolic meaning for the facilitation of peaceful reunification of the nation through the restoration of roads in addition to its economic effect. 

    It is the course of nature that a disconnected road is connected again. Even if trains begin to run again on the new bridge, Dokgae Bridge will last long as a symbol reminding us of the painful memory of war.