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Natural Beauty Jeongmok Pond


Jeongmok Pond1
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    Jeongmok-ri, Buk-myeon, Gapyeong-gun

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Jeongmok Pond

Jeongmok Pond is the fifth of the Eight Scenic Views of Gapyeong. Renowned for its pure water and the beautiful scenery of the nearby valley, the pond is inhabited by Manchurian trout, a designated natural monument. The word ‘yongso’ from the Korean name of the pond (Jeongmok yongso) derives from the legend that a woman once saw a dragon ascending to heaven there. However, the dragon was unable to reach heaven and fell back down to earth, where it was transformed into a pond (yongso). As well as Jeongmok Pond, the valley’s magnificent scenery consists of a series of small and large waterfalls and plunge pools.