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    Unak-ri, Jojong-myeon, Gapyeong-gun

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Unaksan Mountain

Unaksan Mountain (935m), the sixth of the Eight Scenic Views of Gapyeong, is characterized by numerous oddly shaped rocks and peaks. As the fantastic shape of the rocks and the valley make the mountain particularly beautiful, it is also referred to as the ‘Geumgangsan Mountain of Gyeonggi-do Province’. Together with Hwaaksan, Gwanaksan, Gamaksan, and Songaksan mountains, Unaksan Mountain and Ambong, its highest peak, which appears to soar up into the clouds, is one of the five most rugged mountains in Gyeonggi-do Province. The mountain’s main attractions include Hyeondeungsa Temple, Baengnyeon falls, and Nunsseopbawi Rock.

Recommended Trail Course: Direction Signpost No. 1 - Nunsseopbawi Rock – Mireukbawi Rock –Byeongpungbawi Rock – Cheolsadari Bridge - Mangyeongdae Terrace- Namgeunseokbawi Rock - Jeol Gogae (Ridge) - Kokkiribawi Rock- Hyeondeungsa Temple - Minyeonghwanbawi Rock- Baengnyeon falls – Descending the Mountain (The course takes about 4 hours to complete.)