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Natural Beauty Dongmakgol Recreation Area


Dongmakgol Recreation Area1
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    Dongmak-ri, Yeoncheon-eup, Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do

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The recreation area is formed in the 7km-long valley, occupying an area of 571,211㎡. Geographically, it is located 2 hours away by car from Seoul, so visitors can make a one-day trip to the park. It is also famous as a filming for the MBC TV drama Wangcho (Street King). The enchanting rocks, natural forest, and caves around the valley show the mystic nature. The reason this place is particularly famous is that cool air, which keeps the ice frozen, flows in summer and warm air can be had in winter.


Visitors can see tiny fish that lives only in clear valley water. How about enjoying catching fish with your bare hands with your children? Cooking is allowed here. Jaein Falls, Hantangang Recreation Area, and Jeongok Prehistoric Site are nearby, so it is a perfect place for family-unit travel.