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Natural Beauty Geumgwang Lake (Anseong)


Geumgwang Lake (Anseong)1
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    163, Gahyeop-gil, Geumgwang-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

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Completed in September 1965, Geumgwang Lake is a V-shaped valley lake and is a famous winter smelt fishing site. Transportation is convenient since it is located near the roads. Both pedestal fishing and coastal fishing are popular. During the spawning season in spring, a lot of Carassius cuvieri are caught from the weed-bed in the uppermost stream, During the summer season, more fish are caught from the midstream or lower stream than from the uppermost stream. Point movements are also easy.

An open view of Geumgwang Lake

Around Geumgwang Lake are several famous delicious restaurants, a sculpture park, and the Chung Hak Dae Museum of Contemporary Art playing soft music.

Left: lots of people fishing at the Geumgwang Lake fishing area. / Middle: a great view through a window at a kind of Korean traditional style cafe. / Right: people enjoying coffee watching such a beautiful view of Geumgwang Lake at the  the Chung Hak Dae Museum of Contemporary Art.

The drive course toward Jincheon along the thick forest and Geumgwang Lake is very famous as well. The area has high-quality accommodations such as Geumgang Motel and Beach Hotel, which are designated as Gyeonggi-do Tour Hotels.