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    172, Seongo-ro, Ojeong-gu, Bucheon-si

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Ojeong Art Hall

Ojeong Art Hall held a festival titled ‘Under the Shade of the Ojeong Tree’ to celebrate its opening in 2003, receiving an enthusiastic response from local artists and art groups, and residents. Designed as a cultural performance venue, Ojeong Art Hall (3,000㎡; 404 seats) provides various cultural programs including theater, music concerts, musicals, and recitals as well as regular film screenings. In addition, it holds diverse cultural programs (performances and videos) and culture and art appreciation programs, organizes visits to other cultural spaces, and runs cultural experience and educational programs for local citizens (children, youth, and adults) organized by the Bucheon Cultural Foundation. It also hosts the Boksagol Culture Festival and ‘the Month of Culture’ event, and has a range of subsidiary facilities including an outdoor plaza, a rest area, and a parking lot.