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Shopping Gwanyang Market, Anyang


Gwanyang Market, Anyang1
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    28, Gwanak-daero 325beon-gil, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si,

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The word “Gwanyang” means a sunny spot in Gwanak. The market is not located near a station, but it has great accessibility. Operated by the merchant association, it is divided into 5 sections centering on the chairperson and executive members of the association. Notifications are delivered via the head of each section for systematic operation.


The second Tuesday of each month is designated as sale day to offer great prices for customers. The market occupies an area of 7,248m2 and has some 150 stores, selling various products such as agricultural and fishery products, industrial goods, processed food, clothing, fabric, blood sausage and intestines, dried seafood, and flowers.