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Gallery&Museum Yeogang Gallery, Yeoncheon


 Yeogang Gallery, Yeoncheon1
 Yeogang Gallery, Yeoncheon2
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    885, Gunjung-ro, Hoengsan-ri, Jung-myeon, Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do

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Located at the corner on the way toward the Typhoon Observatory, Yeogang Gallery was opened in May 2016 in order to use DMZ as a new tourism resource. It is the first art space established in DMZ since the armistice and is the northernmost gallery in Korea.


Artist Han Sungpil’s large façade artwork – which incorporates Yeoncheon’s beautiful natural environment into art – and the “Peace Gate,” which contains peace messages from around the world, add to the mystique. The first floor is a permanent exhibition hall that shows the scenery of DMZ, which is not easily accessible to the public, in the form of photos and videos. The cafeteria serves beverages made of local ingredients for visitors who wish to take a rest.