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Gallery&Museum Anyang River Visitor Center


 Anyang River Visitor Center1
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    320, Seoksu-ro, Manan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do

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Thanks to the joint restoration efforts by civic groups from 14 local governments, environmental groups, and government agencies since 1999, the water quality of Anyang River is improving; abundant water is flowing, and various fish species and birds such as minnow, white heron, and night heron return to the stream, so it is reborn as an ecological stream downtown. For the convenience of the citizens, bicycle paths along the stream, man-made wetland, stepping stones, trails, foot acupressure path, basketball courts, and rest areas are installed. The Anyang River Visitor Center introduces a series of observations of kingfisher, king crabs, and winnow as a result of such restoration efforts. The center was established to provide professional monitoring and systematic environmental education and to manage Anyang River based on citizens’ understanding and interest.


The center of the exhibition hall introduces an aerial model of the  Anyang River area as well as information on the monthly average water quality at major points of Anyang River. Inside the exhibition hall are a small library and an experience facility where visitors can observe birds flying in the skies of Anyang River. On the second floor is an exhibition hall that introduces the history of Anyang River and the sustainable vision of revitalizing Anyang River.