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Gallery&Museum King Sejong the Great Memorial Hall


King Sejong the Great Memorial Hall1
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    269-10, Yeongneung-ro, Neungseo-myeon, Yeoju-si, Gyeonggi-do

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The memorial hall (total floor size: 2,475㎡; total land size: 13,200㎡) keeps 627 historic relics. It was opened in October 1973 by the King Sejong the Great Memorial Society to honor the great achievements of King Sejong (1418-1450).


King Sejong Culture Hall (716㎡) is composed of four rooms focusing on the fields of his achievements during his reign, i.e., hangeul (Korean alphabet), science, and traditional local music, in addition to the story about his life.

Both of pictures are some pages of Hunminjeongeum, Korean script.

The room about the story of his life includes a 14-leaf painting about his achievements, made by painter Kim Hak-su. The Hangeul Room displays 100-plus valuable hangeul invention-related books, rubbings of letters used in foreign countries, and materials concerning how to type hangeul on a computer.


Displayed in Science Room are types for printing books, valuable astronomical and meteorological devices, measuring tools, maps, medicinal materials, etc. used during his reign. The Gugak Room concerning the country’s traditional music displays musical instruments, scores, books, and attires worn by state-hired musicians and dancers.

Left: the first hall with a portrait of King Sejong at the end of aisle. / Middle: Pyeongjong, an instrument composed of 16 iron bells./ Right: a turtle-shaped golden royal seal

There are other objects displayed outside including the Water Gauge at Cheonggyecheon Stream (Treasure No. 838), Memorial Stone for King Sejong the Great (Seoul Tangible Cultural Heritage No. 2), and 37 stone articles brought from the Tomb of King Sejong (Yeongneung Royal Tomb). The King Sejong the Great Memorial Society publishes research journals and other books related to the King and holds events commemorating Hangeul Day (October 9).