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Gallery&Museum Yulgok Memorial Hall, Paju


Yulgok Memorial Hall, Paju1
Yulgok Memorial Hall, Paju2
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    204, Jaunseowon-ro, Beobwon-eup, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

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This Memorial Hall, which is located at the Yulgok Educational Training Institute in Jaunseowon Confucian Academy, is exhibiting 112 artifacts related to Yi I (pen-name: Yulgok), a great scholar of the Joseon Dynasty, and his mother Sin Saimdang. The memorial hall is managed by the Paju-ci Office.

Left: 'Pododo', a picture of grapes by Choi seok-hwan, the artist of Joseon dynasty at the Digital Gallery. / Middle: the portraits of Yulgok Yi I and his mother Sin Saimdang./ Right: a mini sculpture of Yulgok Yi I on Korean traditional mourning doing ancestral rites.

Jaunseowon Confucian Academy was established in 1615 (7th year of the reign of King Gwanghaegun), and the currently existing building was restored in 1970. A shrine was built on high land, and a square stone was used to build fences; stairs were installed in front of the main gate. In front of the tomb is an altar. A tombstone is on the right, with a pair of stone poles on the right and left sides. Under the tomb are the stone figures of scholars.

Centering on the Confucian Academy, there are Yulgok Memorial Hall, Yulgok Educational Training Institute, grass plaza, pond, mineral spring, and ritual house. The scenery around the memorial hall is beautiful. From the memorial hall, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Paju. Within the Yulgok Historic Site are the graves of Yi I and Sin Saimdang, monument, main gate, and Munseongmun Gate.

Around the memorial hall are several tourist attractions: Imjingak Tourist Area, Odusan Unification Observatory, Imjingak Waterfall Fish Farm, Hwaseokjeong Pavilion, and Tomb of Heo Jun.