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    432, Sumogwon-ro, Sang-myeon, Gapyeong

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Attracting about 600,000 tourists annually, the Garden of Morning Calm is a paradise for photographers, tourists, families and couples. On the land of a 33ha, the thousands of varieties of flowers coupled with pine trees, release an unforgettable aroma into the air that causes all worries to quickly melt away. The Garden is the oldest among private Korean gardens. It is an artistic space with a beautiful balance between Korean concepts of natural curves and asymmetry, plants and other various materials. It features approximately 5,000 plant species, with  20 different themed sections. The garden holds beautiful fl ower festivals throughout the year: March, orchids; April and May, royal azaleas; May and June, irises; August, Rose-of-Sharon; October, maples and chrysanthemum; December and January, snow fl owers. In addition to the beautiful foliage of the garden, there are a variety of festivals and displays held monthly.